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About Mayer Dallal

For more than two decades, Mayer Dallal has been a leading figure in the real estate and mortgage banking sectors. He is presently the managing director of Mortgage Bank of California (MBANC). This boutique mortgage bank specializes in Non-Qualifying Mortgages, Government financing, Secondary Markets, and a complete range of Conventional Financing products. As a pioneer in the non-qualified mortgage lending space, his Mortgage Bank of California team caters to an elite group of clients. Mayer and his squadron of experts specialize in high-end mortgages for clients with challenging financial situations. People who don’t have the typical W2 income that other lending institutions rely on are Mayer’s average clients. These include investors with stock options and owners of atypical businesses like social media influencers.

Unlike big-name banks that look at tax returns and apply outdated algorithms to approve mortgages, MBANC focuses on making the client’s mortgage process as stress-free as possible. Mayer Dallal and his associates are available to help obtain the documentation required to establish income to make non-QM processes easier to manage. Once on board, MBANC’s Luxury Concierge Service provides comprehensive, white-glove treatment for every customer. Clients get help along the way in each step of the lending process. In addition, a personal marketing team is available for property negotiations tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

In addition to serving VIP clientele, Mayer is a philanthropist who seeks to help his community whenever possible. A strong proponent of assisting renters achieve first-time homeownership, Mayer is the CEO of Project Brooklyn Homeowner and Project Queens Homeowner (PBH/PQH). These advocacy organizations work with renters who wish to change their financial and personal circumstances by purchasing their first home. To help people achieve their dream of house ownership, PBH/PQH is known for going above and beyond the call of duty. With a consortium of specialist builders they have relied on over the years, PBH/PQH buys and resells houses that have been completely renovated. The group works closely with the builders throughout the entire process. The organization also hosts educational seminars and covers certain closing fees for those in need.  

A natural public speaker, Mayer also believes in the power of education. Real Talk is a live webinar series hosted by Mayer, developed to keep people abreast of changes in mortgage lending, real estate markets, secondary mortgage markets, and the economy. During his Real Talk podcast, Mayer Dallal gives insightful anecdotes and criticisms of the loan processes of today while also sharing lessons learned along the way. As a multilingual professional who speaks Arabic, Farsi, English, and Spanish, Mayer has a broad loyal base of clientele. 

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